The Foundation of the Company Axedum
Until 1997 on the Moldovan market there was only imported frozen poultry meat of dubious origin and quality, and the year of production was unknown. Its freshness and nutritional quality was unsure. Under these difficult circumstances, two young responsible parents understood that things had to change and founded "Axedum". He - a zootechnist by profession and she - veterinarian. And when two professionals have a serious approach to work and have a well-defined goal, everything’s on track. At the beginning they had only one henhouse, love for work, and an enormous desire to supply their family and the whole country with domestic, nutritious and natural poultry meat. It was hard, but they succeeded.
Grigore and Galina Cojocaru set up the AXEDUM farm by purchasing a cattle ranch and transforming it completely into a poultry farm
AXEDUM rents 700 ha of agricultural land to provide a closed circuit
- Purchase of latest agricultural technology.
- Opening of a section of modern feedingstuffs manufacturing – fodder production
Renovation of 8 breeding halls.
Purchase of 300 ha and lease of 500 ha of agricultural land.
There are 22 AXEDUM outlets opened under the brand Carne de
AXEDUM inaugurates the best bird slaughterhouse in the country. It fully complies with the European standards HACCP, ISO 22000. It also inaugurates the headquarters of the company by offering good working conditions to the employees
AXEDUM receives a new visual identity as a result of a rebranding and opens a new store concept – Magazinul Fermierului